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    I don't have good credit and i need a loan what can i do?

    I had a roomate when i lived out on my own. when i was in a car accident march 16th 2006 she up and left and i wasnt able tow ork.All the bills were in my name and i have been struggling to pay them back and i now have bad credit. I am trying to get a loan but nobody is picking me up. My parents are kicking me out of the house because they want to move ti Mississippi. What can i do? I am now trying to find another job as well and i will soon become a licensed agent for an insurance company.
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    You WANT a loan, you don't "NEED" one! Please go immediately to the website below. You are on your way to financial disaster & borrowing is NOT a solution. What you need now are 3 part-time jobs until you can get a decent full-time one. Borrowing money when you have no means to pay it back is a really dumb idea. If anyone actually will loan to you, it will be at loan shark rates & you may very well end up getting your knee caps busted. Live debt-free. To find out how, go to the website below. You don't have to buy anything or sign up for anything. Just listen to the free podcast archives of a debt-free multi-millionaire. I have been following his teachings for several years.
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    • Let's see. You currently don't have a job. You have a bunch of unpaid bills. How are you expecting to pay this loan back if you aren't working? I think your chances of finding anyone that will give you a loan at the moment are somewhere between remote and slim. You need to find a job before anyone is even going to consider loaning you more money and increasing your debt. It's great that you're looking for work and trying to better yourself but looking for work is not the same thing as having an income. Call the creditors and tell them that you are currently unemployed. Be up front with them. Work out payment arrangements and keep your end of the deal when you do. You are destroying your credit score at the moment but if you call and talk to these people, you may be able to work out some arrangements with them to start paying in 30 or 60 days when you find work.

      by Faye H - 3 hours ago

    • Talk to your creditors and explain the situation in the same manner you did right here and they will cut your interest rate down and work out a payment arrangement for you so that your credit is not spoilt further. Get your insurance license and arrange to make small but steady payments until everything is paid off and please be careful in the future. Good luck.

      by Akbar B - 3 hours ago

    • Bad credit happens when you struggle to payoff your dues or cannot pay your dues. If you need cash but are stuck with bad credit history, do not panic. Opt for quick bad credit loans to help you met your financial obligations.

      by queen i - 3 hours ago

    • There is a new internet website of privat individuels who lend money. You put your details on the site and someone will consider you or you contact those offering money. Now, you still have to go through certain credit checks, they are different for each lender but they are a lot more lenient thatn banks and the rates sometimes are better than what yo c ould get commercially. If you just want a loan to pay off your debts you will probably be out of luck but if it is for a car of a home then it is worht a try. I don't have the website address but it was on Channel 08 Tampa website and you click on Links We mentioned and you should be able to find it, or you could call the tv station.

      by beachloveric - 3 hours ago

    • Try this site for possible help. There is various loan information here and I found it to be helpful. Good luck! http://loan.divinfo.com/

      by Reenie - 3 hours ago

    • Try the below company

      by Maggy G - 3 hours ago

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