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    Has anyone used Lexington Law Firm to fix your credit?

    I am looking for feedback if anyone has used Lexington Law Firm's servises to fix their credit, if it was helpful and how costly it was.
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

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    I'm currently a client of Lexington Law Firm, and I must say that it works. I started back in August of last year and I had quite a bit of derogatory information on there, 6 months later, several items have been deleted from my reports and have NOT come back. It does take time. The cool part about it is that they offer different levels of service based on your needs. You pay$99 to start up, and then $39, $59, $79 monthly depending on what level of service you're needing Now people may have their beef with them for whatever reason, all I can speak is from my experience which has been nothing but pleasant.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • The report I have heard is that they string you along and prolong the process to make additional monthly monies off of you instead of challenging all negative items with each letter series.

      by CALIFORNIA GOLD - 13 hours ago

    • What do u mean by fix you credit? Only inaccurate info can be removed, and u can do that by yourself. Write the three national credit bureaus, and if anything is not accurate, then u can have it corrected. And the best part it is FREE!

      by pointless74 - 13 hours ago

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