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    How long does it take for a check to go through?

    For example, I write a check for the grocery store today, how long will it take for the bank to cash it?
    2 months ago 8 Answers

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    There are a number of factors that can affect this: 1) Time of deposit 2) Bank you use vs. grocery store 3) Your proximity to a processing center (small town vs. city) Normally you should expect a check to clear hit your account in 24-48 hours. Grocery stores typically do 2-3 deposits per day, but it depends on their size. If it's a "mom and pop" store it could take up longer, if it's big chain you can expect it to go right in. Banks will electronically process the check and typically run an intra-bank settlement nightly. This is where they transfer funds (electronically) between one another to "cash" the checks. It used to be that these transactions took some time because the checks had to go to a processing center where they were entered in a computer, sorted and then sent for clearing. Technology what it is today, a lot of this happens electronically and takes a lot less time. My best advice is to make sure you've got funds in the bank to cover that check you wrote today no later than tomorrow. Returned check fees typically run $25 from the issuing bank (your bank) and $15-25 on the depositors bank (the grocery store - which they in turn charge you). Hope this helps!
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • In 2004 or 5, Congress and the Federal Reserve created a new program called "Check 21" which allows merchants to submit checks electronically, which means instantaneous debit. Not all merchants or commercial financial institutions offer this, but you probably wouldn't know if the place you're writing a check does or not. It's best to write a check only when you have the money in your account. Basically, you can no longer count on the "float" time. By the way, Check 21 also changes the way you can get copies of the check. Because the recipient may send an electronic copy of your check to your bank instead of the actual check, then you may never see that check again, nor will your bank. If you needed it for any records or a copy, you would only get an official electronic check (which has any and all capabilities of the original paper check).

      by Megan R - 37 minutes ago

    • At Local autozone 5 seconds,they hand check back to you. Its A High-Tech world. Some thief from Rominia taped a Person"s acct,The Bank gave A new I.D.With a click of mouse, you become a non person.

      by section hand - 37 minutes ago

    • If the store is set up for 'Electronic Presentment' with the bank your check is drawn on, it could clear before you exit the store. Even if they physically send the check to a different bank, don't count on more than 2 days.

      by STEVEN F - 37 minutes ago

    • 48 hours if they deposit it the next day.

      by Akbar B - 37 minutes ago

    • Lately, 24-48 hours. However, most banks will process it for the day you wrote the check for...meaning that if you wrote the check today, and put in the cash to cover it tomarrow, you can still end up paying a bounced check fee.

      by mamasquirrel - 37 minutes ago

    • Three days. Today is Thursday so it would clear Saturday or the next business day. Some retail stores send your check through right then like a debit card. Find out what is their check cashing policy or how long does it take for them to clear the check.

      by Mrs. Morality - 37 minutes ago

    • It takes at least 2-3 business days for your check to clear.

      by kit - 37 minutes ago

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