I need to cash a check - no bank account.?

I need to cash a Wells Fargo check at Wells Fargo, but I don't have an account there. Will I be charged? I've heard that I can cash the Wells Fargo check somewhere else, but they'll charge me. Wil this be true even if I'm cashing the Wells Fargo check at a Wells Fargo bank?

If so, how much will they charge me?

I live in California, if that matters.

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They will NOT charge you. Its a Wells Fargo check, so cash it there. Its just like when I had a check and the bank was Bank of America, so I went there to cash it and they didnt charge me.

Usually if the banks name is on there at the place you want to cash it, they wont charge you.

7 years ago

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call them and ask them usually if you cash a check from the bank where it is drawn from there shouldnt be a charge

by P*Kitty - 7 years ago

Open a bank account.

by Heads up! - 7 years ago

usually they will charge you 1% of the amount of the check if it is over $100

by Sarah E - 7 years ago

iv never been charged

by God will smite your ASS!!! - 7 years ago

Open an account and then you won't be charged.

Wal-Mart will not cash a personal check as other answers have stated. Only government or typed, no hand-written, payroll checks for a $3.00 fee.

I also agree with having someone else cash it for sign and then they co-sign at their bank and give you the cash.


by beerbohms - 7 years ago

Some banks do charge a fee to cash a check if you do not have an account there (I think that's highway robbery). I'm not sure about Wells Fargo.

Why not open a bank account somewhere? Then you can deposit the check with no fees.

Good luck!

by Wendy S - 7 years ago

Most places won't cash the check unless you have an account there, or the check is drawn on that bank. Check cashing services charge you ridiculous fees. In Pennsylvania you could cash the check at the bank it was written on without paying a fee.

by MOM KNOWS EVERYTHING - 7 years ago

Wal-Mart will cash any check for $3.00. I don't know about Wells Fargo.

by LadyBlue - 7 years ago

You shouldn't be charged if you take it to a Wells Fargo Bank.

by Sam - 7 years ago

why not just open an account with them or anyone else.
This issue WILL come up again.
I opened an account with Chase and only needed $50.00 to open it but there was/is NO minimum balance.

by lisa s - 7 years ago

Generally if you cash the check at the same bank it was written from. Also, some stores will allow you to use it to buy something and will give you the change, so you could by gum or something and it wouldn't take as much money as having them cash it.

by ickmick - 7 years ago

As long as its their check they will cash it with no charge. If its drawn on the same bank branch it should be easy enough to do just bring some ID with you.
Any of those "cash checking places" will take a percentage of the check.

by Tapestry6 - 7 years ago

encash in someones account (friend/mom/dad....) and collect from them.

by Chikky D - 7 years ago

Banks and check cashing places are tricky...they either charge you an arm and leg or they dont let you cuz you dont have an account there. But if you have a friend that you trust and that trusts you and you know the check is good you can sign the check over to your friend and have your friend give you the cash. On the back of the check where you normally sign you simply write "pay to the order of (insert friends name here)" then sign your name. Then when your friend goes in to deposit it he/she will sign it and put their account number under their signiture like normal. This way you arent paying any fees or dealing with angry bank people!

by Ericka J - 7 years ago

You can go directly to the wells frargo bank and as long as you have 2 forms of id they will cash it up to 500-1000$ or you can go to the nearest check cashing place and they will cash it for you for about 1-3.00$ as long as it's under 300$ anything over goes for about 2-4% of check.


by Nathan R - 7 years ago

No you should just go to Wells Fargo and Cash the check even if you dont have an account with them.. They will more than likely take one of your thumb prints and put it on the check and cash it without charging you a fee... Most banks are doing that now a days even if you dont have account... Also, you can take it to any local walmart and cash it for a $3.00 fee... for any amount up to $1000.00

by Sharon S - 7 years ago

Open a savings acount, it's free and you'll have a safer place to store your money.

by Bryan B - 7 years ago

Cash it at Wells Fargo as they're the only bank that will honor it because it's drawn from them. Even if they do charge a fee it won't be nearly as high as at a check cashing place.

by RissiAZ - 7 years ago

I'm not sure about Wells Fargo. My bank has the following policy: Account holders are not charged for cashing checks. Non- account holders are charged to cash checks drawn on our bank. Non-account holders wishing to cash checks drawn on other banks are out of luck.

by STEVEN F - 7 years ago

they will charge you a percentage of the check because you do not have an account with them. probably something small like 1%. it won't be much.

by Theresa M - 7 years ago