what are the qualifications for getting dish or direct tv?

i just moved and i am not happy with my cable company. i would like to try the dish network or direct tv. do you have to have credit in order to get their service

7 years ago - 3 answers

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just be careful if you get directv, they will take extra money from your bank account and eventually put it back, but they won't pay you for your aggravation or the sevice charge at bank when you account is advice, just stick with cable.

7 years ago

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I have DISH NETWORK and they send me a bill and I pay it ....has nothing to do with my credit card!

by justmedrt - 7 years ago

no you just need a debit or credit card to set up the account it will never be charged they will send you a paper bill . the card is just used to verify it is you ordering service i think

by Jennifer M - 7 years ago