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    Why is my credit card denied?

    I'm trying to register my daughter an account and from what the information it asking it says it needs my credit card information for age purposes. I put in my credit card and it gets denied. If its for age purposes why was my card denied. Wouldn't it be easier just to ask for the adults birthdate? This way no one would be to concerned about putting out that information. If you ask for credit card information for birtdate purposes people think they'll get charged for doing that. I don't think you should ask for credit card information if all you need is verification of the adults birthdate. I would like to sign my daughter up on yahoo but it seems like it more trouble than its worth to bother with it. Is there another way I can sign my daughter up without using my credit card information?
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    Generally, they ping your account to make sure that the card is valid and the address matches what you gave them. Think of it as a pre-authorization at a hotel, or when you buy gas. When you look at your online bank statement after visiting a gas station, it generally shows a $1 pre-authorization ping, which is replaced by the actual amount of your purchase when it's processed later. In the case of Yahoo, I would guess they're going to ping your card to validate the address. If it's being declined, that probably means that either a) your card is maxed out, overlimit, not valid for purchases or expired, so that even the $1 charge won't go through; or b) you have entered an address on Yahoo that doesn't correctly match the billing address of the credit card. This could be because you made a typo, moved and didn't change the address on the card, or you used a street address on Yahoo and the credit card bill comes to your PO box. The short answer to your question about why they need that kind of verification is that there are too many people out there using the internet to do evil things, and Yahoo can be held responsible if they don't take measures to track who is using their services. Yahoo offers many valuable services to the internet community at no charge, so the time it takes to provide valid credit card information to confirm your identity seems like a small thing to ask.
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    • Karen M hit it right on the nose. At least I am not the only person that knows about address verification. You might also want to read about C V V. Sometimes you need to activate your card for online and phone transactions. Especially if it is a debit card. My bank does require me to activate my card for transactions outside of the U.S.

      by gdavison - 4 hours ago

    • The only time you give out your credit card number is when you PAY for something. I don't really understand what you are trying to do but I would stop giving out your credit card number.

      by orange1 - 4 hours ago

    • LOL! You are over the limit. the card is no good til you pay it down.

      by Zandelia - 4 hours ago

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