How much does it cost to use H&R Block refund anticipation loan?

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The charge for an RAL (refund anticipation loan) from H&R Block range from $29.95 to $89.95.

But even they (in a 1/17/07 press release -- link below) gently discourage you from doing so since the e-file system is quick and incurs no extra charges for payment disbursement.


7 years ago

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Ask H&R Block?

by Smiley - 7 years ago

go on and do your own taxes. it is foolproof then efile them for 9.95 you will get them back in a couple of weeks.

by starla - 7 years ago

The loans have a pretty high rate of interest. They offer disclosure information on site so you know what you're in for, but the info is not available online. Think scary numbers.

by kx_wx - 7 years ago

Way too much!!!!!!!!! Just e-file it only takes 7-10 days

by Sexy T - 7 years ago

They want your business so chances are it won't cost you anything extra other than their tax preparation charges.

by Len Anders - 7 years ago