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    I lost my wallet including driver's licence, 3 credit cards, social security card,etc. What should I do next?

    I lost my wallet including driver's licence, 3 credit cards, social security card, ATM receipts, etc. I called all credit card companies to cancel the cards, and put a fraud alert on my credit file. I have heard of social security cards being used fraudulently to apply for jobs, etc. What steps should I take to protect myself?
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    First: Breath please! I had the same thing happen a while ago. Your bank will tell you all kinds of good things. Such as they don't put the complete ATM # on the receipt. Banks also ask for I.D. if you've reported things lost/stolen. So please, don't too much about someone trying to empty your account at a bank branch. Go to the Social Security Office and report the SS card lost as well as a copy of your missing wallet report with the police. They'll take care of the rest. Plus, they'll get you a new SS card ASAP! Lastly, you DID file a police report yes?
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    Other Answers

    • cancel your cards and file a police report

      by NONAME - 7 hours ago

    • call all your credit card companies and report the cards stolen, put a fraud alert on your card and call the police. would also check your credit report once a month to see if there is anything on there there should not be

      by jenny g - 7 hours ago

    • Call one of the three major credit companies and put a red flag on your ssc number for three months. here is a helpful link.

      by Ginializ - 7 hours ago

    • Contact the customer service of each credit card company, contact your bank and make sure you change passwords on everything immediately. Also, follow up with a hard copy letter to each company as well as the three top credit reporting bureaus. It's also a smart idea to change locks, etc.

      by Desiree W - 7 hours ago

    • You should try to change your ssn number but BE AWARE Changing the SSN should not be looked upon as the key to safety. Third parties can cross-reference the new SSN with the old number, as allowed by their statutes, policies and procedures. In Addition, the victim may experience less freedom to travel (due to lack of documents), which can raise potential safety issues.

      by jncosk8er8 - 7 hours ago

    • Contact the bank, social security office, and go to the DMV.

      by freakyallweeky - 7 hours ago

    • What the previous person said, plus you need to obtain some sort of photo ID and your birth certificate. Go to the DMV or Secretary of State (whichever applies) and get a new license. If you are fast enough, this shouldn't sting too much.

      by Fahkovan Gehtout - 7 hours ago

    • Cancel all your cards after a few days. Before you cancel your cards make shure that they are really lost!!! As for your social security card you better tell the company that it is lost so that if anyone uses that number they will know it is stolen. - hope it helps

      by kcpandalover - 7 hours ago

    • call the credit card companies social security and DMV and the bank

      by topgunpilot22 - 7 hours ago

    • geez, that's always fun. Do you have any idea where you lost it? If it was at a store ask if anyone has found it. Good job on cancelling the cards and the fraud alert. You can check your credit report for free in a few weeks since you put the alert on. Make sure nothing seems funny. Get a new license. Hopefully it turns up without any problems.

      by I scream for ICE CREAM!! - 7 hours ago

    • Report your cards lost/stolen and cancel them. You just have to get a new drivers' license.

      by Smittie - 7 hours ago

    • you should call the police to make a report then they tell you what you should do next?

      by pretty smile - 7 hours ago

    • It actually happened to my sister recently. Contact the Social security department to advise then of this situation. They need to be aware of this. Also, you can get a new one issued as well.

      by LPL - 7 hours ago

    • Call the police. Whilst waiting for them to arrive, cancel the cards and notify DMV and SSA. monitor your credit reports regularly. I don't like paying for something that should be free but this is the one time you should think about doing that.

      by skip - 7 hours ago

    • call social security too.

      by goofball - 7 hours ago

    • call your banks and cancel your cards - tht way they wont be able to withdraw cash. and phone everyone else up tht the cards involve to tell them of the situation and then when someone does use the cards - they can alert the police

      by danny_9950 - 7 hours ago

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