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    What BANK does not charge ATM fees?

    I am pissed off with chase i had 22 dollars in my bank account and took out twenty.The atm machine said i would take out 195.00 which i was ok but it turns out my bank chase added another 1.50 for that which made me overdraft.And now i owe 36.50 to chase.Has anyone had this problem with your bank or what banks do you know of.
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    I don't believe washington mutual will double charge you
    a few seconds ago

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    • Most banks have AMT fees, if you pull out cash from another bank's ATM. Not only this, but th ATM operator will also charge you a fee, as well. Sometimes, the fees can total $3-$5. So really, there are two fees you're looking at. The only exception are a few regional banks, some credit unions, and Washington Mutual. However, if you pull out cash from an ATM outside of their network, THAT ATM operator can still charge you. To get a detailed list of banks, check out http://www.bankrate.com

      by Guru Sharma Prasad - 9 hours ago

    • They all charge the ATM fee, and some of them charge to use a live teller, and you better be careful, because if you have a negative balance in you account, a lot of them charge a daily fee. Banks suck.

      by ramman - 9 hours ago

    • Bank of America doesn't charge when you use their atm's and washington mutual is free from any atm (i think)

      by jazzman1127 - 9 hours ago

    • I bank with Capital One, that was Hibernia when I opened my account, and used to bank with Regions, neither charged an ATM fee as long as I used their ATMs.

      by Laney - 9 hours ago

    • You don't get those fees if you go to a teller. And you may only have had to pay a fee because it was such a large amount. I have a Bank of America account and have never paid to take money out of one of their ATMs

      by w00t - 9 hours ago

    • Washington Mutual, Century Bank, credit unions. Generally, the bigger the bank, the higher the ATM fee. However, be aware that even if your bank doesn't charge a fee, if you use an ATM machine other than your bank's, that machine charges a separate fee.

      by tonalc1 - 9 hours ago

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