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    How high can your credit score be?

    When dad showed me copy of his becon score it was 938. I figured that this was a good score, cause it was my dad...I was at the bar the other day, sittin' having a beer. The subject of credit came up. I told the fella that my dads becon score. He said that I must be mistaken, because the score does not go that high. I explained to him that I saw the score myself. He basically said that I was a liar. Anyway, I told him that he was an idiot, and I finished my beer. I have seen the regular chart that only goes to 850, but I know that it is possible for it to be higher than that. Is there anyone out there that knows the highest possible rating? Is there one?
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    These people surf a couple of websites and see the range of 300-850 in the charts. They assume that this is the is the gospel...lol The fact is that this range is the range that is obtainable by average people. What they don't tell you is that few above average people can exceed this score. It's kind of like making 100% on a math test but getting extra credit to reach 125%. Most people could never ever reach over 850 and honestly they don't want people to know that it is possible, but it is! It's not going to be found on a website, but ask a credit agent, they will tell you. I have seen higher scores before. Your dad is older, and has an almost unobtainable credit score...It is possible, but almost impossible to have a FICA score that high. Most people will never have a score like that, because they don't even believe that it exists. Just like the first few people that answered your question...haha As for the highest possible rating, I am unsure. It is probably no limit at all!
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    • Actually you are incorrect. The highest FICO score you can receive is 850. Please go to www.myfico.com to see for yourself. The scores can range from 300-850.

      by AB - 16 hours ago

    • um, no, 850 is the best they get. beacon is just the name for a fico score from equifax. they are coming up with a new system for credit scores, but in the new system you just get a grade from A to F. http://www.lendingmax.ca/artman/publish/Credit_scores.php

      by Nick C - 16 hours ago

    • From what I know, itruns from 300 to 900, although some websites say it only goes as high as 850, so the jury is out.

      by hakeem - 16 hours ago

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