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    Where can I go to get a short term loan for $800 to be paid back over an 12 month period?

    I need to get a short term loan, possibly a pay day loan for at least $800.00. However, I would need longer than the standard two weeks to pay it back. Is there anywhere I could borrow $800 and pay it back over a 12 month period or at the very least have longer than two weeks to pay it back?
    a year ago 7 Answers

    Best Answer

    DO NOT go to a payday loan for this. The interest and fees will kill you and almost double the loan. Try your local bank or credit union. If all else fails, even a credit card will give you a better rate than a payday loan. Also, many CCs offer specials on cash advances, so if you have to go that route, attempt to find one with a nice intro rate. Keep in mind though, it will go up probably about 6-9 months for most cards.
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    Other Answers

    • You can get short term loans at easypaydaymarket.Easy payday market provide loans for short term times and provide fast approval cash.. For more information you can visit www(dot)easypaydaymarket(dot)co(dot)uk

      by Anthony - 11 hours ago

    • get a credit card with 1 year 0% apr. It should be much better than the so-called pay day loan

      by IamConfused - 11 hours ago

    • If you really have to have the money, get a 0% interest credit card. You should definitely try a bank or even a mortgage company.

      by Phoenix, Wise Guru - 11 hours ago

    • Don't know. But you can earn extra cash here.... http://www.freewebs.com/cashmail

      by Relisis - 11 hours ago

    • 800.00 pay day loan will cost you total of 4,000 dollars...for 12 months....... get credit card.......... not many places loan that low amount......... a job can pay that in one month (parttime)

      by cork - 11 hours ago

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