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    How do I get a 8 year old repo off my credit.?

    I was young and stupid & thought I had to have the best, boy was I wrong, because of that I have very bad credit, and in this life time you are rated as a number, anyways at the rate I am going I will never have this paid off, and I want it off my credit report. Now that I am older and and have to children that might need my help in the future I need to straighten out this mess I got myself into. Also I am confused on the rumers of repos staying on your report for 7 years. Is it 7 years after you pay it off or is it just plain 7 years weather you owe or not ? Can someone please help me!
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    It is 7 years after when you first became 30 days late and never brought the account current that precedes the charge off. If you look at your Trans Union credit report, it should show a date that it should be removed. If you look at your Equifax report, it will show the DOLA (date of last activity) - ONLY look at the original creditors tradeline for that info, do not use the info from a collection agency's tradeline. If it has been on your reports for longer than 7 years, send a dispute to the 3 credit bureaus and tell them it is obsolete and to delete it. You made a statement about "7 years after paying it off". If you had paid it off after it was repo'd, you probably re-set the reporting period. You would have to find the date that you had paid it off and it would be 7 years after that date. If that is the case and you still have some time before it hits the 7 year mark, you should look to see if it is reporting incorrectly. If it is, send disputes pointing out a couple of the incorrect remarks and request it is either corrected or deleted. I would suggest going to the site that I've listed and do some reading in the newbie forum and then in the credit forum. Another poster made a comment about the status date. Status dates mean nothing as far as the reporting period. It has nothing to do with the DOFD or the DOLA. It is the last time something was reported on that account. (Which could hurt a persons scores on EX since they do not report the DOFD or DOLA.) A person can have a tradeline that is 6 years old, and the status could easily be updated to today if something happens on the account. Even a dispute to the credit bureau could update the status date.
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    Other Answers

    • It should stay on your credit for 7 years after the last date its status was reported to the credit bureau. It may have been repoed 8 years ago but for 2 years after that they finance company was trying to collect and was reporting it during that time. I am in financing and I see this quite often. If it has been that long and you have paid your other bills OK since then, you should be all right. Check your credit report for free at annualcreditreport.com. Its free to see your report here once a year, but it does not show you your credit score. If you want to see your score, you will have to pay for it. Check it at equifax.com, transunion.com, or experian.com.

      by tomdchi - 13 hours ago

    • You are right, there are so many rumors out there about credit that who knows which is right?!! I'm not too clear about the time-line of derogatory information on credit reports, but it's somewhere between 7 and 10 years. What I do know is that after such time, it is your legal right to request these "expired" items be taken off, some will "fall off" automatically, some won't, in that case, you have to call each reporting agency directly and see about getting these removed (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). They will in turn request verification from the lender and clear it accordingly. Good Luck!

      by JoelMBA - 13 hours ago

    • contact the three credit bureaus and tell them to update your credit history. it should have been removed after 7 years.

      by de bossy one - 13 hours ago

    • If you still have a balance on it that you owe they will keep it on your credit report. I would try to work out some sort of payment plan to get it paid off. Once it shows paid it will help your credit score.

      by Gracie - 13 hours ago

    • You don't...LOL

      by Gizmo - 13 hours ago

    • i think if u owe the money then u must pay the amount due then it is 7 yrs after that. I might be wrong but i think that is the way it works.

      by jibbers4204 - 13 hours ago

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