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    I am having problems with Aarons rent to own place.I am late and they keep harrasing me.I told them I pay 6-15

    I have been late one other time. They also have theated me with legl action. I am willing to pay but they keep harrasing me. Can anyone help me. I need to know my rights.
    a few seconds ago 18 Answers

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    They have the right to expect you to pay on time.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Those type of places dont care. If you owe them they want their money when its due or they will come get your stuff. And yes they can take legal action againts you with only one missed payment. I use to live in an apartment and my neighbor bought something from them and ran late one payment she avoided them for a few days. I was awaken at 7 am the following sat morning to them banging on her door with the police to get the property back.

      by bree30 - 10 hours ago

    • ah, Aarons Rents, poor peoples credit. I'm sure you realize that what ever you brought from them, you are paying 3 times what it would cost for cash. Loan sharking is not dead as long as these vultures are still around. I don't know how much you invested already but, the smart thing to do would be to send it back and save your money until you can afford it. You can go to pawn shops and get barely used tvs for and other electronics for a fair price. Thrift stores sell furniture on the cheap as well. If however you are trying to impress your neighbors, co-workers or friends with the newest in "technology" well then my friend I suggest you not answer the door and turn your lights and audio down low until closing time at least until the 15th.

      by jerzeme - 10 hours ago

    • First of all, by law you cannot be evicted of a place before two months of the owners warning. In other words, you cannot be dumped to the street the moment they want, they have by law to give you a two months written notice. Do they continue harassing you, even if you already told them you will pay 6-15? Probably they are not believing you, or probably they are affraid that you will leave anytime without paying your dues. Reassure them what you promised and tell them to stop bothering you, that you have said your last word. That should do the trick. Also, it will be good for you to reread the contract you signed with the owner of your place, to be protected against any legal action taken against you. Good Luck! Good Luck!

      by Albion - 10 hours ago

    • i really dont know what to tell you

      by me j - 10 hours ago

    • I am not an attorney and am not offering legal advice but you might want to check out http://www.peopleslawyer.net/newsletter/issue.asp ?ID=11

      by best_little_bookworm - 10 hours ago

    • As far as getting them to stop calling you, you cant. They are within there rights, as long as they dont physically threaten you. Their hope is that you will pay before the 15th if they call you enough. Pay off your loan or give back what you rented from them and go deal with someone that is more professional, and less of a ghetto thug.

      by creskin - 10 hours ago

    • Your rights are to pay your bill as agreed or return the items. Making a promise to pay a late bill 3 weeks later does not absolve you of your responsibility. If you can not afford the item, return it. The rights in this situation often mentioned are your rights to contest a debt if you believe it is incorrect.

      by davidmi711 - 10 hours ago

    • When you got the stuff from them, you signed an agreement stating that you would pay on time. They have every right to call and nag and harrass you about it. They can even repossess the item, if it gets too late.

      by Kate - 10 hours ago

    • Try and pay it off, they won't take legal action lol. I can't believe they said that. They can only do that if you owe child support. The worst they can do though is ruin your credit and take everything back, it belongs to them. So, pay it off a.s.a.p Never ever go to those places , its such a rip off.

      by ~*Opal*~ - 10 hours ago

    • it ok tell him ggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa life !!

      by Ephraim M - 10 hours ago

    • They want their money, plain and simple. They will harrass you until you pay them. Legally, you have nothing to stand on - you signed a contract to pay them.

      by Jack - 10 hours ago

    • I used to work for them. They just want to scare you right now. Before they take legal action, they have to pick up the furniture first and you have to be really behind. Other than that, let the machine get it.

      by Stacy R - 10 hours ago

    • You probably signed a contract saying you would pay on time EVERY month. It's their stuff, not yours, so they are probably in the right here. JMO, but I'm no lawyer.

      by Guitar_Junkie_ - 10 hours ago

    • If you owe them money and are late on one payment, they can call and bug you until the debt is paid in full. That is the problem with going with places like that.

      by cosaxteacher - 10 hours ago

    • best thing to do to get them off your back is, pay them the money you owe.

      by yeah - 10 hours ago

    • First off you should have never went to a rent-a-center for any furniture. If you were to take out a calculator and add what your actually paying for the furniture or appliance you would faint. They are costly and its really not worth it. You need to learn to save and just buy from a regular store. Yes you would have to pay it all up front butttttttttt you would save sooo much money. Read your contract that you signed with them, see what the penalty is for repossesion etc.

      by Ask Rachel - 10 hours ago

    • PAY them. You have a contract, you are required to pay. If you don't they can report you to collections, and this will effect your credit score and you will never be able to finance anything. They aren't harassing you, you owe them money so pay them.

      by Christy - 10 hours ago

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