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    Jail sentence for credit card fraud...?

    ...for a first offense, $700, in the state of Florida. Jail time, or just probation/community service? P.S. If the only advice you can offer is "the judge decides that" or "check your state statutes", please don't waste your time or mine answering this question. I am just looking for some simple advice.
    4 months ago 4 Answers

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    It depends upon the severity of the offense. In other words, if tried and convicted of a felony-level credit card fraud, jail time is entirely possible. But let's say for argument's sake that this is a misdemeanor-level offense, or at the most, a third degree felony. If tried and adjudicated guilty, there will likely be a jail sentence suspended to supervised probation, possibly 1 to 3 years in length. I've seen similar offenses get court fines/costs in the hundreds of dollars, full restitution to the victim, and 25-50 hours of community service. If probation is violated, it's possible to go straight to jail. Hope this helps. :)
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    • Simple advice: Don't pick up the soap in the shower room.

      by Dr. O'Pinion - 10 hours ago

    • did he benefit in any way?/ the answer to your question depends on the amount involved and the degree of the theft....first degree...etc............if he never benefited then there is no crime..if he arranged for a third party to benefit it may as well be him

      by destinednodoubt - 10 hours ago

    • Your question is missing some information. Did "he" use his own credit card or was it another persons card? If "he" used his credit card then there probably is no fraud that could be proven by the credit card company. But the company will come after him for the money owed. This could eventually lead to a civil suit, where they will sue him in court for the money. They will then attempt to garnish his wages or attach any bank accounts he may have. If "he" used someone else's card without their permission, and if they find out he did this then yes he could end up in Jail. But even though you don't want the answer that "the judge decides that", that is in fact what will happen. As they take a lot of things into consideration, such as any prior criminal history and how bad the fraud was. So he might get a fine, probation, jail time or all 3.

      by OC1999 - 10 hours ago

    • Jail time and community service......if all goes well.What judge do you think is going to believe that story...that he had no intention of obtaining the things he purchased on that credit card?What was he doing,a little shopping for the owner of the credit card?Just thought he would pick out some nice things he might like?If you don't want to hear S**t about the questions you post,don't hang around with S**t,and you wont have to worry your pretty little head off about it!

      by FYIIM1KO - 10 hours ago

    • It depends on the case, history of offenses, etc. If a person just used a stolen credit card, chances are it would be a few months in jail, a fine, and community service. The more you get involved, the worse it's going to be.

      by FaZizzle - 10 hours ago

    • This Site Might Help You. RE: Jail sentence for credit card fraud...? ...for a first offense, $700, in the state of Florida. Jail time, or jus

      by ? - 10 hours ago

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