does 7-eleven drug test?

Got a job a week ago and haven't been tested since. There was nothing about it on the papers I had to sign and the manager didn't mention it. I am definitely clean since I haven't smoked in a about 5 weeks. Does anyone have any experience with employment at 7-11? Were you drug tested?
on entry or randomly?
but i was employed and have been working for a week without drug testing

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7-11 requires pre-employment drug testing. However, its stores are independently managed, so a particular store could have a random drug testing requirement.


I think it is unusual that you have not had a pre-employment test. Since you are clean now, I suggest you mention it to your manager. It's much better to bring it up yourself ("Was I supposed to go through a drug test? I was sort of expecting that I had to do that before starting.") If you don't bring it up, someone may discover later on that the test was omitted, and tell you to go immediately for a test that you may not be prepared for at the time. If you are going to have to take a test eventually, it's better to go now while you are sure you will pass.

3 years ago

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My brother was, and he was drug tested

by qwerty - 3 years ago