What is Bella Thorne's email address/ cell phone number?

I'm not trying to invade bella's life when I ask this. But I am just a huge fan!!! And it would be so awesome to send her a message via text or email. So if you have her number and or email address please submit it below. Thank you so much!!!!!!
(ps Bella Thorne is the girl who plays CC on Shake It Up)

3 years ago - 4 answers

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her email is
her cell is 303 197 5489
your welcome

3 years ago

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Cell is 303 197 5489
Skype: fashionthorne

by Jade - 5 months ago

The email is and her phone number i think it's 303 197 5489 your totally WELCOME

by emily - 4 months ago

Okay, so.. Jade wrote Bella's account here! But Bella HASN'T ASK.FM ACCOUNT! She told it in her video! Omg! is fake, number is fake, email is fake too and SKYPE is BIGGEST fake! I wrote with FashionThorne on Skype and I saw little spoiled girl and as Zendaya was some little boy, maybe 13 years. OMG! Can you sometimes involve the brain? All informations about Bella is here FAKE! Damn it! -_-

by Caroline - 4 months ago