is bing rewards a scam?

ok so i signed up for bing rewards and i saved all my points get a $25 gift card to amazon,com i have the shipping order but i sent it out almost a month ago. so i was thinking is bing rewards a scam?

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Says here it can take eight to twelve weeks to get your reward:

3 years ago

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i think so cuz i ordered 400microsoft points 3times and its been about 10months (since 1st order) and i havent gottren it.

by The Machine - 3 years ago

it is and it isnt i just had my account closed because of my live email conflicting with my FB and the support aent was a douche and made threats aainst me of course i contacted his supervisor which i heard his supervisor say he was fired over the phone >they changed my registered email in the end and put a protection against cancelizations on my account after dealing with CS for 3 days got to say bad customer support

by Brian - 5 months ago

Not it isn't s scam and you can be sure from here

you will find proofs in the topic.

by Ahmed josef - 3 weeks ago