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    Accounting and Tattoos?

    Here is the story....I got a upper arm tattoo that ends a little above my elbow (half sleeve tattoo) when I was 17 because of my rebellious nature at the time (stupid I know right) I do not regret my decision because I can't live in regret. I am now 23 years old and about to graduate in accounting. My question is am I screwed to get an accounting job? Can you always wear full sleeves in firms and social events in accounting firms? Do you mostly wear suits? Clientile Events Attire?
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    Sounds like you don't have much of a choice if you already have the tattoo and you are about to graduate in accounting. I am a finance/accounting guy, I have never worked for an accounting firm specifically (I work in finance) but I can tell you that professional attire requires wearing long sleeves and a tie at a minimum. A jacket is generally preferred but if you are working in a back office (not meeting with or being seen by clients) you may be able to take your jacket off and work in a shirt and tie. That is going to depend on the firm you work for and the specific task to which you are assigned. If you work for a small CPA firm, for example, a polo shirt might be the norm. In this case, you might be out of luck. My advice is to wear a shirt that completely covers the tattoo and is not such that the tattoo can be seen through the shirt. Some thin white shirts may allow the tattoo to be slightly visible through it.
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