Does Tj-Maxx keep track of no receipt returns as a whole or per store?

I lost my wallet last month and all of my receipts were in it. I have already made two no receipt returns at my local Tj-Maxx (one was $200 for a returned purse) and I have one more return to make but I'm embarrassed because I think the individual store keeps track of how many you make. If I go to another Tj_Maxx will they have the records too? Or do they only keep track at their individual store?

I know I'm not doing anything wrong, but I just feel like its embarrassing.
Each time I did the return they asked for my drivers license.

3 years ago - 1 answers

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I've done that too (a lot of times) in the same store. It is embarrassing! But they have never told anything!, they only ask me why I'm returning it
I'm not sure if the others Tj Maxx have the records too.

3 years ago