Is Ali Express a good website for cheap items? 5 Stars!?

I am considering getting a set of Magpul MBUS sights for my airsoft gun. I know for a fact that the ones on are fake, but I dont really care.

I have heard many people saying that it is a scam, but I am only getting something that is $8 and it has free shipping. I also plan on using Paypal and they should help guarantee that I will get my money back if things go wrong.


So should I try it? Thanks

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I have used Ali Express for several purchases and have been very pleased. They are a reputable company and tend to check out their vendors as strenuously as Yahoo! Marketplace and Amazon.

The only warning that I will give is that ALL of the vendors are located overseas (with a majority of them in China). This means that delivery time will tend to be fairly slow and could take several weeks to a couple of months.

If you are looking for a good deal and don't mind waiting, then Ali Express is the place for you. If gotta have your item within one to two months, then you are better off paying a bit more and getting it from a US online retailer which will have it delivered usually within one week.

3 years ago