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    Where do i get a tracking number for the items i sell on ebay?

    Do I get them at the post office when I ship them? How much does it cost? Thanks!
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    You get the tracking number after you ship the item. You have to pay extra to be able to track your package. When selling on Ebay always make sure that a signature is required for delivery and that you can track the delivery of the package online - and keep a copy of that delivery confirmation for at least 60 days Unfortunately scammers target new sellers and even if they receive the item, if you didn't send it so a signature was required upon delivery, they will file a chargeback with Ebay saying you didn't send the item. If you do not have proof to show Ebay that the item was actually delivered to and signed for by that person, Paypal will refund their money If you got some sort of email saying that money has been sent through Paypal but won't be credited until you send the tracking number, that's NOT from Paypal. It's a very common scam going around right now. Paypal never asks for a tracking number before crediting your account. Remember, you never sent anything until you actually go to Paypal and see the money in your account. If there is no money in your Paypal account and you got some email asking for a tracking number, report this buyer to Ebay as it's a scam and also forward that email to spoof@paypal.com
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