On amazon what does "In transit" mean ?

Ordered Ipod touch and when i clicked "track your package", It said "In Transit". What does that mean? Package is shipping from GA, USA. To CA, USA.
All i asked for was an answer...not your opinions. I have never ordered anything online so how the hell would i know...

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I hope I don't sound rude, but it means what it says: It's being transited to your home. If you don't know the word "Transit," it's pretty simple - it means that it is moving by way of vehicle to a destination. In this case, it is either on a plane to your state sorting facility or it is already in your state, been sorted, and is on a truck coming to your house as we speak.

3 years ago

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It means it's like being posted... so it's either in a van right now, or will be in one tomorrow morning :)

by Chris Kirkman - 3 years ago

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by Rapture - 3 years ago