Bank teller attire at a bank of america?

I just got a job at a bank of america and i have gotten emails from the recruiter that we must wear professional attire. I got an idea but i was just wondering what do the bank tellers in bank of america usually wear? I currently bank with chase and always see the women tellers in button down dress shirts that are blue. i was just wondering if the bank tellers in b of a have the same attire with button down shirts .
Thanks for the answers in advance!
and if you want to just answer to just go into the bank and see dont bother answering please.. I do not current bank with them and it is pretty weird to just walk in and out of the bank for no reason prior to my first day just to see what they wear. WOULD you do that G and C?

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Button down shirt or nice, conservative top and pants. In the winter you can wear sweaters. No jeans. Shoes should be comfortable, not tennis shoes, and not high heels.

3 years ago

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Literally look like a million dollars even so you can't afford one outfit on the salary they pay you.

Very conservative "rich" look is the way I would describe the attire most bank tellers have to wear.

by Reena - 3 years ago