What do I take to the walmart job orientation?

they called me for job orientation. It is tommorrow. She gave me a quick list of what I needed to take and how to dress on the phone but I did not catch everything. All i know is 2 forms of Id and wear blue shirt and kakis.
um, why does almost every time i post a question people attack or judge. just answer the question or skip. I have my reasons. first of all, I dont like jobs that require phone conversations. the phone makes it difficult for me to understand. second, the person was going super fast. I worked for walmart 7 years before and have experience dealing with costumers. I am fluent in both german and spanish as there are large populations of both of those groups here. just for your information.

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I did a Google search. -- This page has more related links listed on the righthand side : "More questions about walmart job orientation requirements" -- Official Walmart site. Read through it for more clues & cues & what to expect. -- Depending on what position you have been selected for, click on respective position for more feedback & info.

It would be a good idea to carry some notepad & writing implement with you so you can jot down instructions for later use.
In future, it would be useful to ask the person [giving instructions on the phone] to slow down. There's no shame in that. Or just ask them to Repeat themselves. You can always blame it on the telephone reception ;-))

Wish you success :-)


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No disrespect, but if you cannot "catch" instructions over the phone, you might well have difficulty with customers - especially those with non-American accents. Your failure should have rung alarm bells in your mind

by Ed Fox - 3 years ago