What does fedex "Picked Up" mean?

Today I bought package (a laptop in a box) to the kinkos/fedex in my town. What does picked up mean? I have 2 day shipping on it or express I think. Well here's the information on it. The tracking number is Tracking no.:

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Picked Up means just that. The package has been Picked Up from where you dropped it off, and will be delivered to the local distribution hub.

The package will then Arrive at the hub, and may get scanned several times as the hub sorts it.

The package will then Depart the hub, heading to the hub near its destination.

There it will Arrive, get scanned a few more times, then is loaded on a truck and sent Out For Delivery.

3 years ago

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picked up means that fedex has been to the kinkos/fedex store and "picked up" the package. if you go to this website you can track the progress of the package

i went to the website and entered the tracking number you provided. it says the package was picked up in springfield, pa and they expect to deliver to fort worth, tx on may 26 by 4:30 pm

by old man on the hill - 3 years ago

Plain English. PICKED UP.

by Common Sense - 3 years ago