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    How should I ask for a raise at McDonalds? And how much?

    I'm nineteen years old, and have worked at McDonalds for a little over a year and a half now. I've gotten no pay increases because, according to the store manager, there was a "wage freeze" due to the economy. I live in California, so I've been at $8.00/hour now. However, I feel like I've been here long enough and work hard enough for a raise. My mystery shop score has never been lower than 99%, I accomplish all second-hand duties, and according to that same store manager, "90% of all positive customer comments in drive-thru" (the position I always work) are about me. I usually work 20-30 hours a week. I would like to know what is the best way to approach the store manager for a raise, and how much would be appropriate to ask for. I would love some answers from people who work at McDonalds, or have very recently. I appreicate your help in advance. :) Thank you.
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    I have been working at McDicks, oh sorry, I mean McDonalds, for over 8 months. And even I know, they don't give raises. The only raise you get is when you've been promoted to either Crew Trainer, or some sort of Manager. If you ask for a raise, I can almost guarantee it will be a no. I know someone who's been working there for 3 years and who hasn't gotten a raise yet. In fact, I bet any manager my Head Manager would laugh in the cashier's face if he/she asked for a raise. It's a joke to them, because it's only a fast-food job. It's practically worthless. Though, from my understanding, they are allowed to give you a raise after a certain amount of time. Which I don't know exactly. So, you can ask for the raise, but there's not much of a chance you will get it if they haven't already offered it. Like other person stated, get a new job. The only time I saw someone at my work get offered more than minimum was when he announced he was leaving to work at Subways because they offered him 10$ an hour (minimum here is 9.65). They offered him more, but DIDN'T even match it. So he still left. In my opinion, look for a new job. McDonalds experience is like a jackpot for employers. There is no minimum-wage job as demanding as working at McDonalds, so it looks all nice and pretty on the application. You can get a job almost anywhere (customer service) with over a year experience at McDs. I suggest you look for a job with a higher pay! That's if they say no, of course, for your raise. At least ask, there's not really much that can happen other than a Yes or a No. Good luck!
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    • I used to work at McDonald's. I was one of the best cooks there too. I worked there for a little over 2 years. One day, I got another job and it paid better. The manager there was a bit distraught about the prospect of losing his best cook when I gave him notice that I would be leaving for a new job. He immediately asked me how much I was going to be making. I can tell from his reaction that he was considering matching it if I stayed. Whether this is an option for you, only you can determine. How good of a worker are you? What is his demeanor? What is he like? I assure you, that the owner of your McDonald's is a millionaire, and this non-sense of how he can't pay you over $8.00/hr is just a greed factor. The guy certainly can pay over $8.00. All he has to do is sell that third cadillac and maybe his second summer home in the Bahamas. If you just go up to him and say, "uh.. mr. manager sir, can i uh have a raise and stuff?" You are probably not going to get it, and if you do, it will not be as much as you could get as a hard worker possibly moving on. As for the amount you should ask him for... McDonald's raises are very skimpy according to their own policies that I had read once. I have seen raises for $0.05, $0.10, and $0.15. I've never seen nor heard of $1.00 or so. I'd probably try for $0.25 or $0.35. btw... I'd just get another job if I were you. Your experience at McDonald's gives you experience in sales and customer service, it is time to focus on that.

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    • Just go up tO him and say can I talk to u and then say I have been working here for a long time and I would like a raise the worst thing he can say is no good luck

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