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    Wal-Mart, whats the difference between an excused and unexcused absence?

    Iv never bin really good at my days missed, Either sick or family issues. So, now im on my 2nd "couching" I already know the 3rd ones a "D-day" then fired. But something happened today that i really cant or want to share with my work. Its a private matter and i couldn't come in to work today because of it. So i called in (knowing im going to be getting a D-day now) but she told me it will be unexcused. Im not really sure what that means, now im freaking out i will get fired or they will try to butt in on the private matter. Please explain? Fyi, This is the first time iv ever had a private matter like this and iv worked there for 4 years now. So its not like i do it all the time. Im pretty open about why i cant come in.
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    It doesn't sound like you're are being very open with your employer about why you can't go to work. All companies have their own definitions for what qualifies as an "excused absence", but typically it would be for something like a sick day (for which they may require a doctor's note), or you have some emergency that requires your attention (a sick or hurt child, or your water-heater broke and you have to wait for a repairman....), whatever the reason your company has a right to require some type of explanation as to why you are missing work.
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    • I used to work for Wal-mart, and for one Wal-mart doesn't take Dr notes. If it was a medical issue and you needed to take more then one day off file out a medical leave of absence. But since i dont really know the reason that might not be the case. If i were you id pick my fav. manager and discuss what was going on weather it be a family matter or what have you. and She would be the judge as to what to do about it.

      by ? - 13 hours ago

    • Excused absence is like a death of a family member or there being a blizzard and you living 30 minutes out of town. Its hard for them to understand a "private matter," if you don't tell them what it is. For all they know, you private matter, is you getting drunk until 4 am and sleeping it off. You have to tell them (or at least you store manager), what it is, you will get terminated. Sorry.

      by fakehuskie - 13 hours ago

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