UPS: Scheduled Delivery "By End of Day"?

This was my status this morning West Carrollton, OH, United States03/09/20115:24 A.M.Out For Delivery (West Carrollton is 15 minutes away from my house.)

Scheduled Delivery:
Wednesday, 03/09/2011, By End of Day

Shipping: UPS 2nd Day Air®

I know there are a lot of packages to be delivered and a bunch of different routes, but its almost 12 hours after scheduled delivery... why is it taking so long?

Also, what time does "By End of Day" cap off at?

I'm just really impatient right now because I've been anticipating the arrival of this package for a long time. It's my new laptop. I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGERRRR! I WILL DIE. *drama*

:P Anyone?
>: What else deserves 'Higher Priority'?

The majority of buyers pick 3 day ground, and I've heard that I should have my package well before 5PM and its 4:14PM right now. So wouldn't it be here by now?

I'm just nervous something went wrong... idk...maybe?

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I've had UPS packages arrive as late as 6 pm. The latest you can expect a UPS delivery is 7 pm.

3 years ago

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It's not end of day yet. Even if it was on the truck in your neighborhood at 5am, they won't stop at your house until all the higher priority items are delivered.

by HangingChad - 3 years ago

End of day can mean as late as 7pm, so don't panic yet! Hang in there, it will get there soon. :)


by HRmom - 3 years ago

UPS Drivers work their route until all packages are delivered. Sometimes as late as 9PM. Apparently you are at the end of the drivers route.


by HijoDelSol - 3 years ago

OMG!! I'm in Ca and am waiting for my package it's also a new laptop!!! And I feel just like you do HURRY UP UPS! YOUR KILLING ME!

by kbuell33 - 3 years ago

Not gonna lie but the latest I have gotten a package from them was 9:50pm. I heard the UPS truck outside my house I was like man these guys have it hard to be working at this time.

by Ash Ketchup - 5 months ago