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    Why did ups deliver to my post office?

    I ordered something off of thinkgeek.com and I put in my home address and today it said the it was delivered to my local post office. Why did ups deliver to my local post office and not to my house? I know that I have the right shipping address because it is correct on my email conformation. I did not have it sent to a po box because I do not own one. is the post office going to deliver my package? this is really odd to me. would be possible to go down to the post offcie and just pick it up my self?
    15 days ago 5 Answers

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    UPS hands off some of their business to the Postal Service for delivery. USPS services every address as part of their constitutional mandate; UPS can pick and choose where they will deliver. If your package was sent UPS and turned over to the PO, your mail carrier will deliver it.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • For three days UPS drove right past me and didn't hsave my new computer. Now I find it in the Post Office. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

      by Floyd - 6 hours ago

    • the question was why? why do they deliver it to the PO instead of my place? it tracks saying left fedex/ups straight to the usps. home delivery wasnt even attempted. they do this alot. it bugs me the extra handling my items go through. for no good reason. it even adds a few extra days til i get it because of this. And im home...nobody wouldve missed me not being there

      by M - 6 hours ago

    • UPS doesn't deliver to POs. Look again and the e-mail will say USPS, that's the post office for delivery and you weren't home.

      by Chas - 6 hours ago

    • Did you receive a piece of paper from the post office, if you did then the item was too large to fit in your mail box. Or is that the package tracking, you are looking at, if that's the case then it has arrived at your local post office and will be delivered in the next day's post to your house.

      by KMcG - 6 hours ago

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