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    what does it mean "processed through sort facility" via USPS?
    I am tracking my phones, No one has given me a date to expect them by.. however they have provided me with the usps tracking information. Last i checked today it said"Processed through Sort Facility, February 07, 2011, 12:11 pm, FORT WORTH, TX 76161" How will i know when I will be recieving my package? I am hoping soon, but does anyone know where i can look to find out an expect or possible delivery date? the usps website said this means "“Processed Through Sort Facility” – This scan indicates that the item has processed through and left a Postal Service processing facility. The item is currently in transit to the destination. " so does this mean i will recieve them today :) thank you to all that respond
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    The USPS has several regional sort facilities. They have big machines there that sort mail automatically. They sort mail for a whole region. As the mail passes through the machines, a record of the mail is created and tracking information is sent out. If your package went through a sort facility, it should be out of there the same day, or maybe early the next morning. You should get it in one more day, two at the most.
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    • If it was processed at 12:11 PM in a sort facility you will not get it that day unless it is an express mail and you are very near the sort facility. It has probably left for its destination delivery unit not for its final destination of your house. Most mail that arrives at a delivery unit after the carriers have left the office for the day (typically 8-9 AM) will be delivered the next day. You should see an arrival at unit scan when it gets to your delivery unit.

      by uncommon sense - a day ago

    • hard task. search using bing and yahoo. this might help!

      by philip - a day ago

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