Does USPS express mail deliver on Sunday?

It is express international from USPS. I have a package coming from China. The tracking number said it arrived at the international shipping facility at 3:58pm Friday in NYC. I live in Connecticut about an hour and a half away. Do you think I will receive my package today, Saturday? I really need to as I go back to school in DC Monday morning; I would need someone to re-ship it to me if I don't get it before then.

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International EMS is not delivered on Sunday. Domestic EMS can be delivered on Sunday's or holiday's but there is an additional fee that must be paid for that to happen.

It is likely that you would have received it on Saturday, if not, then Monday.


3 years ago

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No they do not.
I was wondering the same thing, and they did not deliver for me. :( :( :(
They dont cuz of 'religious reasons' or 'need a day off'. thats why nothing comes on sundays,

by Amy - 3 years ago