how does overnight shipping work?

I know that it means over night but what about on weekends...

I ordered a cell phone from verizon with overnight shipping...I ordered around 4 (Sunday)...

Will it be here tomorrow(Monday) or day after tomorrow (Tuesday)?

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It will be there Tuesday. You ordered it on a day when all the shipping services are closed. They'll ship it out on Monday, it will be shipped overnight and arrive the next day, Tuesday.

3 years ago

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I believe the shipping still happens on weekends.
But the delivery doesn't.
Like it could be shipped on Saturday but you don't get it until Monday.
Because FedEx, does not deliver on Saturday. I think.

Did you order it at 4Am today ?
If you did you will get it today (Monday) because they have the whole day to ship.
But if you order it at 4pm. you will most likely get it on Tuesday.

by Nikki •>.<• - 3 years ago