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    USPS Delivery Confirmation tracking number not showing up?

    At about 1:03am on sunday i ordered something from gamestop and everything was going smoothly. Sunday afternoon i received the order confirmation, and monday afternoon i received the shipment confirmation. First problem, i live in a apartment and even though i have that on the gamestop order it's not on the USPS shipping order. Second problem it's been two days of me putting in the tracking number to see where the package is or if it's left yet and it says "There is no record of this item." Will it get to me or do i need to talk to someone at USPS about this?
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    It will probably stil get to you. But, you should contact Gamestop first. The item won't show until someone at the PO scans it. They may not even have gotten it yet. I've gotten stuff that I ordered before I even got a delievery confirmation from anyone.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • The post office tracking system sometimes is a few days behind. They usually only update it once a day, usually in the early (e.g 2am) morning hours. The people at the post office have no more information available than what you see on their web site. If you continue to get "There is no record of this item" after a week, talk to gamestop. They may have in queued to go out put never gave it to the USPS. The letter carrier will do his best to match the package to the right apartment number by looking at the apartment number of other mail to your name.

      by Auntie Mame - a day ago

    • I don't know if this helps but I have the same problem when I put in the tracking number on the USPS website, but when I go on Amazon to track it on their website in my account it works. Maybe it is an error with the USPS website. I'm sure its still shipping though. Edit. Wow, I think I may know what happened. It may be a split delivery thing, where one carrier hands it over to another carrier. For some reason, this USPS looking number, worked for FedEx. On Amazon, it said that it was handed over to FedEx SmartPost, so I checked that out and it worked. Look at your tracking number and see what it looks like. If it has a large amount of numbers I think it may be for FedEx. A large amount of numbers and letters may be for USPS. A short amount of numbers and letters may be for UPS. That is all I know from past shipping experiences.

      by ? - a day ago

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