how long does it take for walmart to restock things?

so i wanted to buy and ipod touch tomorrow but to my luck theyre out right now, so im wondering how long it will take for them to get one in.

3 years ago - 3 answers

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visit the store's electronics section
ask an associate to get the UPC of the IPOD,
tell the associate to get a telzon and use the "item locater" function
that will tell you if the IPOD is instock at any walmart within 150 miles.

you can call the store and they may do the above while you wait on the phone.takes about 10-30 minutes depending how available a telzon is when you call

3 years ago

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Depends. They bring out the restock stuff everynight but if they are sold out, it will be until someone reorders. Try online or a different store.

by Towanda - 3 years ago

Try a different store if you are in a hurry as it will take time until reorder of the stock. You can better ask for the store salespersons that when they are going to have next stop because it all depends that when they will reorder for the next stock.

by Susana - 3 years ago