Phone number to contact Topspin Media?

i ordered concert tickets from them and it said theywere shipped out over a week ago and i still havent got them.....

i just want to contact them directly. please help

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When I had trouble with a shipment, I used the form here to submit a complaint:

It got answered the next day, and someone at Topspin solved my problem pretty quickly. I definitely recommend using this page!


3 years ago

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Bad news. The site does not want any phone calls. Everything goes thru

BusinessWeek Magazine said that they have phone numbers for Peter Gotcher who is the CEO of Topspin. But they don't. They have where he went to school and what he gets paid but no one at Topspin seems to want any phone calls.

by Ed Atun - 3 years ago is the contact for Topspin Customer service. They generally answer withing 24-48 hours. Your best bet is to contact them and provide your purchase id and they can fix you up quickly.

by Bill T - 3 years ago