how much do walmart cashiers get paid?

I work at target as a cashier/customer service and i get paid 8/hr...but i heard walmart gets paid more..just wondering how much i live in az if that makes a difference

3 years ago - 4 answers

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Actually ive heard people can get 9 dollars an hour in delaware walmarts !

3 years ago

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Probably minimum wage. Walmart isn't nice to its employees.

by pamplemo1 - 3 years ago

It will depend on the going rates in your area so there's no way any of us all over the internet can give you an exact answer. Call the store to find out for sure-their number is in the phone book.

by mr217shoestospare - 3 years ago

depends what you put down as the minimum you would accept on your application. I used to work at walmart as a cashier and I put $9 an hour on my application, and that is what I got when I started. The girl who got hired with me(also a cashier) put $8 an hour, and that is what she got paid. 2 people, same age, same no experience, and I got paid $1 an hour more than she did.

by jay k - 3 years ago