until what time does fedex deliver?

So I ordered a top from i've been waiting forrrrrrrever to get in the mail. I tracked the package and it says the estimated delivery date is Dec. 8th, 2010 (today, obviously) and then they confirmed it would be delivered today, but FedEx usually doesn't deliver my packages at 4:30/5pm. What time do they OFFICALLY stop delivering packages to homes/mailboxes at? Btw, I live in New Jersey if it helps, and I've already gotten my daily mail and it wasnt in there.

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FedEx delivery hours are meant to be 8a to 8p. It's peak season, though, and most drivers are leaving with a LOT more stops than normal - some guys are out quite a bit later. Don't give up yet.

Good luck!

3 years ago

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They stop at 6 pm every where

by Katie C. - 3 years ago

FedEx (with the exception of their express branch) is run by contractors. Which means the driver signs a contract that says they will deliver x number of stops within this zip code or area, and get paid x number of dollars per package, etc.

I tell you that because that should essentially answer your question - their day ends when their last package is delivered. They're not paid hourly, they're paid by the package the deliver. Now that its peak season (as another poster said), most of them are delivering twice their normal numbers. Which means many of them are delivering much later. So unless an act of God stops them, you should get your item

by MountainGirl - 3 years ago