Where do ebay sellers get their stuff so cheap?

I was thinking to make an extra few quid perhaps selling something on ebay, but then a question came to my mind where do all these sellers get their stuff so cheap and brand new? I mean like I don't wanna be selling stuff I don't need at home, but proper good selling, stuff that is wanted.

A good advice from an experienced ebayer would be greatly obliged even though I am aware that you would support adversary by doing that, but still it won't kill you.

Thank you much appreciated.
I mean do they have good friends who own factories or do they get it on the net as well and then resale it on ebay

3 years ago - 2 answers

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wholesalers, auctions, liquidation sales, foreign manufacturers

takes a lot of work to find a foreign Mfr you can feel comfortable working with

you will have to form a REAL company, get registered, get a state sales tax license, etc in order to deal with anyone at the wholesale level

3 years ago

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Mainly but things in bulk for a discounted price so they can sell individually for more. This only works with higher end products if you've got some cash to start with, if you don't you'll have to start with cheaper items working your way up. Do lots of research after choosing what you want to sell to make sure you get the best deal!

by Jacob Green - 3 years ago