Is the National Motor Club of America, Inc. a pyramid scheme?

Somebody asked me to join and it just has a weird feeling to it.

3 years ago - 2 answers

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"Somebody asked me to join"

Many membership-based companies wil hire independent outdoor (door-to-door, etc) sales people to drive new memberships when either sales are lagging or it is breaking into a market. This company's website looks like it is modeled on the AAA (American Automobile Association).

They are also an A+ Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau:

"it just has a weird feeling to it."

Or was it just a creepy salesperson?

3 years ago

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Well all i can say if u feel like that it is a scheme then don't join it.bcause there r scheme everywhere ,n if u r feeling weired about it delete it.(HAPPY HOLIDAY).n a bless one.

by BLACKQUEEN - 3 years ago