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    What to wear if you work at Starbucks?

    Hey everyone, so I'm starting work experience at Starbucks, and they have like a really strict dress code. I have to take my nose stud out, no nailpolish, etc. Anyways, the dress code is really strict, and I dont have anything that meets the guide lines! She said a polo shirt, black or white, dress pants, no jeans or yoga pants, skirts are acceptable, black running shoes, or black flats I think she said. Any other ideas of what might be ok? Anyone work at starbucks that could help?
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    Pant and a normal shirt is a "strict dress code"? Sounds like you need to go shopping for some adult clothes.
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    • yeah, any black or white shirt as long as it is collared is fine. black pants or khakis, no jeans. black shoes, they dont have to be all black, mine are black with a tiny bit of purple, just no white. you can wear capris if you want if they are black or khaki. a girl i work with wears cargo shorts.

      by ? - 8 hours ago

    • I used to work there, um you can wear a polo shirt and any type of nice black or white dress shirt doesn't have to be a button up but I think they look nice. Helpful hint sometimes they have shirts that have a button strap to keep your sleeves rolled up which are helpful so you don't have to constantly roll your sleeves up. Black slacks or khakis should do the trick, they had told me nothing above the knee. Just make sure they are professional looking and don't have like "Juicy" on the back haha Decent shoes no open toe'd shoes and I recommend foot cushions of some sort since you will be on your feet for at least 8hrs

      by Vanessa Deleon - 8 hours ago

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