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    Walmart attendance policy?

    I'm a part-time employee at my local walmart and I know that I have missed more than at least 4 days. I've searched around the internet and people are saying those days missed only apply if they are 8-hour shifts and others say it applies to days missed in general. Long story short, a member of management explained the attendance policy to me and a few other new employees the day we all got hired and I haven't been given a warning of any kind. I was wondering if anyone that formerly worked at Walmart or was a manager at a Walmart could explain whats going on.
    4 months ago 2 Answers

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    I worked at walmart for the past three years and at the store I work at you are allowed three absences. After that you get a coaching then if you miss again before you points go down then a written. If you continue to miss then you get a decision day this where they pay you to be off and if you miss after that then you are terminated. It doesn't matter if you are full or part time it applies to everyone. If you miss three days in a row they are considered one point. The four day starts a new point. If you haven't been giving a coaching or anything you have nothing to worry about.
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    • i was terminated and i never got past a warning and i only miss a total of 3 days in palmyra walmart

      by jesus - 19 hours ago

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