What companies hire at age 14?

I know most are 16+, but i've check and it is in fact perfectly legal.
I know Market Basket hires 14 year olds for check-out and bagging groceries.
But what about chains like Wal-Mart, Stop and Shop, Shaws, movie theartres, like Flagship, AMC, and stores, like JC Penny, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Old Navy, Claire's etc. I know some small businesses do, but there arent many near where i live. If you know of any companies with chains in Massachusetts, that hire 14 year olds, thats what i'm looking for. Thanks.
And, yes, i know thigns like babysitting, car washing, house sitting, and stuff like that is a good choice, but im looking for an actual employer.

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I think stop and shop hires baggers

4 years ago

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You are correct. It is legal to work at age 14. The problem has been caused by the poor economy. Jobs that used to go to 14-year-olds are now being filled by 19 year-olds. That will change when things get better.

Of the companies you listed, none will hire at 14. The only ones have been Dairy Queen and Chick-fil-A.

The restrictions on 14 year olds in Mass. are lengthy. They can not work on a ladder. They can not work on hot grills. Not on certain machinery. They can't work at night. They can't work during school hours.

by Ed Atun - 4 years ago