What does Amazon mean by Arrival Scan?

What does it mean?
I ordered some books from, and today I checked the Tracking info.
The status says "In Transit," Shipping is USPS, and the "Latest event" is Arrival Scan - Jul 20, 2010 5:13:00 PM.
What does this mean, I did not get my package, and it is clearly after 5:13.
I checked all of the address info, and it's correct.
If it makes any difference, it shipped late last night/early this morning from Delaware, and is going just 1 state over.

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An arrival scan just means that your parcel has arrived at a USPS distribution hub closer to you than where your parcel originated from. It doesn't mean that your parcel was out for delivery today. If you're lucky, the tracking might change to 'out for delivery' tomorrow. But keep in mind that USPS is a little slow with parcels. Their specialty is regular daily mail.

4 years ago