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    How should I quit my job at walmart?

    So ive been working as a walmart cashier for a little over a year now and i've just about had enough of the nonsense that goes on throughout the day. I feel like everytime I try and talk to a manager they are either "too busy at the moment" or "theres nothing i can do" or "i dont know what to tell you" or they are just nowhere to be found. I would like to put in a 2 weeks notice but it just seems so impossible to do that when the correct manager isnt even around half the time. I can't even leave a letter in the mailbox because last time i did that when i requested a change in my availability, the letter went unnoticed. Any ideas on how to correctly handle a situation like this?
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    It's real easy. Clock in, go to personnel, give them a letter stating that you are giving your 2 weeks notice. Then, find your assistant manager and hand a copy to them. Then find a shift manager and your store manager and give them each copies. Now everyone has a copy, so they don't really need to make time. It sounds like your store unfortunately has poor management. Don't let that discourage you and quit without giving notice and giving yourself a bad work history for other employers. What you should be doing (IF you want to keep working but are unhappy about whatever nonsense you mean) you should follow the chain of command. If your CSS/CSM doesn't have time to talk to you, go to your assistant, if they don't have time either, go to the shift mgr., etc....or another option is if you like the company - just not that store put a transfer request in.
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    • In any employment situation it's considered good form to give 2 weeks notice as a courtesy to the employer so they can prepare for your leaving a vacancy. It's also assumed that by doing this you will still be considered to be leaving on good terms and therefore rehirable. So it feels unfair when you find out in most states your employer considers you to be an "at will" employee that can conceivably be fired at any time for any reason, even NO REASON at all! Not real fair but that's the way things are these days. Still it's best to never burn bridges and keep the door open at any place you've worked in case you ever need to go back and that's why it's still best to give two weeks notice. I'd talk to someone in personnel as well as your head CSM to give your two weeks notice. For anything you write it may be best to leave it for the personnel office too since they are really the ones who will have to deal with you leaving. The store manager anymore isn't really concerned about specific people-sad to say they may not even know who you are so giving them notice will probably get the same worthless results you've gotten before. Do your two weeks as best you can then move on. I trust you have another job lined up already. If not, make it a first priority so you can quickly jump to a new job in 2 weeks and not go without a paycheck for any time. Good luck.

      by MyHandsAreMadeOfPasta - 13 hours ago

    • Go to store manager on your day off and let them know you want put in you two weeks notice. It sounds to me that managers in this store does not do their jobs.

      by Mary - 13 hours ago

    • go out of your way to find him/her. If you ahve to hang out after you punch out and "stalk them" for a while, so be it. Find them and tell them you need to talk to them for a minute. Then tell them you need to put in your two weeks notice beginning today. If they need it in writing, they'll tell you where to put the letter at that point.

      by Zz - 13 hours ago

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