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    How do I access the Walmart Wire from my home computer to check my schedule?

    I am a walmart associate. I keep forgetting to look at my schedule for the following week. I just get so busy. Is there any way possible to look it up using my computer at home?
    13 hours ago 31 Answers

    Best Answer

    Yes, it is possible to find your Walmart schedule online, they just recently started doing so and it's a very awesome tool, it's not through the Wire, though. Go to http://mywalmart.com and sign on. Your schedule will be to the right under the date. Click on the 'Go to full schedule' button. It's so much easier having it available online, it tells you your meal times and you can even print your schedule out. No more accidentally writing down your schedule wrong.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • You need to get your win number. Which is on the wire at work in the corner of your schedule. Write that down. Take it home and hit register. Type in everything then create a sign in. Once done you will be able to use your account to look up your schedule.

      by Cameo - 9 hours ago

    • I cant access walmart one its saying my login that i use for the wire is incorrect

      by Sebastien J - 9 hours ago

    • You can only access the WIRE at work only. You can print your schedule from there, Or go to walmartone.com at home & it will show you your schedule by clicking on show full schedule at the top. then you will see it pop up. you can have it sent to your e-mail & print it from your printer.you can get up to the next following week also by clicking the little arrows at the top of schedule. & send it to your e-mail etc..

      by ANGELTOTOUCH17 - 9 hours ago

    • How do I check my schedule on my computer at home.

      by Evalene - 9 hours ago

    • how do i access my disabilty status?

      by Nancy Bailey - 9 hours ago

    • I always forget to check my schedule, not sure if this is helpful.but you can check you schedule off the clock.up front where the cashiers clock in

      by Anna Norman - 9 hours ago

    • it always says that I already have an account

      by Gene Damron - 9 hours ago

    • Rrrrrr...Ive been trying to log in both on Wire or Walmart.com NEITHER one is letting me! I had an issue just trying to apply from my home computer even before I first started and HAD to go in in person to fill out my application at the store. I could just scream with frustration.

      by NightSky - 9 hours ago

    • You must register using your personal WIN number

      by Jazer - 9 hours ago

    • online paystub

      by Delores - 9 hours ago

    • How can check my regular schedule & pay stub

      by shitalben - 9 hours ago

    • none

      by ? - 9 hours ago

    • yes

      by mary - 9 hours ago

    • I need my win number

      by Mona - 9 hours ago

    • How do you change your career preference from your computer ??

      by Anonymous - 9 hours ago

    • you should have a look here, if you klick yourself through or use the searchbar, you should reach the right walmart page pretty quick, login and get your schedule. http://walmart.salaryfaq.net/schedule/?k=20100601224859AAaKXEJ

      by Alison - 9 hours ago

    • to put in vacation time

      by ? - 9 hours ago

    • This is the site: https://authn.walmartone.com/login.aspx

      by Stacy - 9 hours ago

    • jjfjgf

      by Edgar - 9 hours ago

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