How do I access the Walmart Wire from my home computer to check my schedule?

I am a walmart associate. I keep forgetting to look at my schedule for the following week. I just get so busy. Is there any way possible to look it up using my computer at home?

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Yes, it is possible to find your Walmart schedule online, they just recently started doing so and it's a very awesome tool, it's not through the Wire, though.
Go to and sign on. Your schedule will be to the right under the date. Click on the 'Go to full schedule' button. It's so much easier having it available online, it tells you your meal times and you can even print your schedule out. No more accidentally writing down your schedule wrong.


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i doubt it, why would your supervisor or whatever post the scheadule online.

by dave - 4 years ago

This won't be much help, but I don't think you can. I am wondering how long can be employed before can request a leaeve of absense for medical reaons? I'e only benn there 5/12 months --but I have never been late and never asked to rearrange my schedule.. I have also never been sick. I do have a medical emergency that will give me no choice but to have a week and 1/2 off. Is that possible without losing my job?

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by renephant - 4 years ago

What smoke answer said.....

by Kmmv - 4 years ago

how can i access the wire from my home computer to ask for time off for vacation

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I always forget to check my schedule, not sure if this is helpful.but you can check you schedule off the clock.up front where the cashiers clock in


by Anna Norman - 5 months ago

am not having the wire number how can i get one am David deli

by Agyeman Duah - 4 months ago

You can only access the WIRE at work only. You can print your schedule from there, Or go to at home & it will show you your schedule by clicking on show full schedule at the top. then you will see it pop up. you can have it sent to your e-mail & print it from your can get up to the next following week also by clicking the little arrows at the top of schedule. & send it to your e-mail etc..

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This is the site:


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