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    does petco hire 14 year olds if not what companys do in southern California?

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    No, Petco does NOT hire 14 year olds. According to the Petco website (http://www.petco.com/content/contactsubtopic.aspx?PC=contactjobs&nav=17) "The minimum age for working in our PETCO stores in 18 years, with the exception of Alaska in which the minimum age requirement is 16 years. If you like, you are more than welcome to contact a store near you and ask to speak with a member of the management team. We are always interested in speaking with candidates who have substantial knowledge of companion animals and a real passion and love for animals. If you are under 18 years of age, please consider seeking work with us in the future. Great, customer-focused store associates are key to our success!" To find a job with another company, start by finding what you're legally allowed to do, then focus on companies that can actually hire you. According to California law (as stated in the reference below), at 14 and 15, you're generally limited to performance (acting or modelling), retail, and food service. You can also get a paper route or mow lawns for people. National chains are unlikely to hire you because of national corporate policy (example is the Petco policy). Make sure you have your work permit first. Child labor laws for California are located at the links below (official state government information regarding state child labor laws.)
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    • I believe that child labor laws prevent companies from hiring anyone under the age of 16.

      by Norma - a day ago

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