does wendy's (fast food) do background checks on employees? im just a cashier, not a manager.?

do they give background checks on just the crew, or do you have to be a manager to have it done? i live in georgia. thanks.

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ask Wendy's...not all Wendy's do the same thing, cause they're all owned by different people.

4 years ago

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normally managers at wendys lack human resources skills and would generally skim through applications to weed out the obvious failures, companies like wendys generally suffer from high turnover of staff that by the time checks are made the applicant has left.

by Bony ASSS - 4 years ago

There is no industry that is immune to the panicked efforts to cover their own butts - so yes, Wendy's probably will do that AND demand you pass a pre-employment drug screening, too...

by wmayers99 - 4 years ago