Does Royal Mail Deliver Parcels On Saturday?

Hi, ive ordered a parcel from ebay which was sent Yesterday (Friday) First class recorded and im wondering if royal mail deliver parcels on a saturday or if its only the letters you get?


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Saturday is usually a normal service, as weekdays, except some low-priority junk mail may be left for Monday, as the postman has a shorter shift on a Saturday.

If its First Class, and made the collection time when the seller sent it, it should be with you Saturday or Monday (larger items or items from a distance away may take a little longer).

Be aware that it might not make Saturday for whatever reason (lorry breakdown somewhere in the network, accidental missorting, etc), but it will still be delivered if it makes it to your local Delivery Office in the early hours of Saturday morning.

By the way, those saying you only get Special Deliveries on a Saturday are wrong - I know for a fact - as this Saturday morning I was out delivering all sorts on my round!


4 years ago

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Sure do - up until about 12.30 (when the sorting office closes)

by Sal*UK - 4 years ago

You only get deliveries on a Saturday if it is sent by special delivery, if not you will receive your parcel on monday.

by Inquisitive - 4 years ago

Yes, I got a parcel from them last Saturday.

by Craig18 - 4 years ago

If it is next day, or special delivery, yes.

by Big John - 4 years ago

yes... i have just seen my postman delivering a parcel to my neighbour

by Lee R - 4 years ago