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    Lost Sam's Club receipt, is there any hope?

    I bought an ipod at Sam's Club two years ago. Just last week I got the "White Screen of Death". Fortunately, I bought the three year service plan from Sam's Club that covers all repair and damage. Unfortunately I lost the original receipt!! Do you think Sam's club will still honor the service contract?
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    You should be fine. Nice thing about the Sam's Club Service Plan is they allow a one-time registration if you've lost your receipt. So, if you haven't lost your receipt and tried to file a claim, go ahead and call 800.994.7267. The rep will be happy to assist. Hopefully you are a PLUS Member as well. PLUS Members receive an additional year of coverage. Two years ago Sam's Club sold a 1 and 3 year plan. Hopefully you purchased the 3 year (or are a PLUS Member) so your Service Plan did not expire. BTW, I am the Sam's Club warranty guy so if you run into any problems, just send me an email.
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    • check out the code numbers in the back of your ipod.call information and ask for apple computer number.remember the year you broth it and the name it was under.and store name.register on line.hope you did.or by enter net from the store computer.your code numbers should shut the ipod off if it was stolen.but you have to let apple computer company know about it.and it may help you get your ipod fix.if you lost the re site.if you call apple computer company on the phone.good luck.with your name and code numbers and store name.and tell them you paid and extra fee for 3 years.if they give you any trouble ask for a manager right a way.before your time runs out.for your computer.some times apple employee can be rude on the phone.and give you little help.

      by kung fu - 5 hours ago

    • ugh that bites. the service plan you bought requires you to call the 800 number on the warranty brochure. if you call that number they will direct you on what to do. unfortunately you cant just bring it back in to sams because of policy they have on returns for electronics. call the number. there is a good possibility they will replace it. sams should be able to look up at least the receipt number.

      by jezbnme - 5 hours ago

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