does fedex deliver on sundays or mondays?

I have ordered a cell phone on thursday and it says its expected to be here tuesday..what happened to monday? why dont they deliver on mondays? i keep tracking it down and its already in my area why cant they just deliver it now.

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Fed ex does deliver on Mondays

4 years ago

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I was probably sent on 5 day delivery, so does not take priorty.

by Smudge - 4 years ago

depends on how far away you live from the shipper, and they do deliver on Saturdays for ground if the shipper selected that. So you must be about 1000 miles away from the shipper

by You may be right - 4 years ago



by Glenis D - 4 years ago

Yes, Fedex delivers Sundays and Mondays. Special fees apply for Sunday deliveries. Go to the Fedex Q&A site linked below:


by crehan - 4 years ago